eternal flame music was founded in 2019 in new york city with the goal of releasing memorable house music and techno recordings unadulterated by modern trends or the prevailing wisdom of the times. at eternal flame we hope to release electronic music that will endure and be relevant in every subsequent era. please join us.

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layla amini

growing up in london, layla found herself signed to bmg / rca before the age of 21, collaborating with contemporary dance music legends goldie and marshall jefferson, among others. a devout vocalist layla has been able to navigate the pitfalls of the music industry, continuing to lend her vocal chops and writing skills to a variety successful projects.

richard earnshaw

richard earnshaw is a soulful house maestro and one-half of chart-topping outfit spiritchaser. richard has dedicated his life to producing top quality Music.

paul birken

a stalwart of the u.s. techno scene, paul has been releasing music regularly since 1995, forming his own label tonewrecker recordings in 2005. his live hardware sets have graced storied dance music venues like tresor and berghain, as paul shows no signs of slowing down.

destro 187

coming of age while traversing nyc’s infamous underground party scene through the 1990’s, alex shtaerman (aka destro187) honed a variety of skills along the way, including djing, writing, design and so on. while owning a dj / vinyl shop through the 2000’s alex always planned to return to music in earnest.

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